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Center for Persons with Disabilities

The CPD seeks to create inclusive communities and improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities of all ages through sustainable innovation, collaborative research, responsive service, and interdisciplinary training and education. Our vision is to become an international leader in creating inclusive communities and improving the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families. As a unit in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services, we work hard to achieve the following:

  • We Innovate: We lead by developing dynamic, sustainable, forward-thinking programs and services.
  • We Include: We demonstrate how to effectively work toward inclusive communities in our planning, programs, and services. We celebrate diversity in ability, race, ethnicity, culture, language, gender, sexual orientation, politics, and religion. 
  • We Collaborate: We forge partnerships. Working together makes us more effective and responsive to the current needs of our clients and communities.
  • We Care: We do what we do because we care. We are making the world a better place for people with disabilities and their families.
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CPD Blog

Kim with her daughter

You are able to parent, even with a disability


My world flipped upside-down when I experienced a severe brain stem stroke exactly two years ago. I was only in my late forties. Before this life-changing event, I was working in a full-time career, not to mention my other full-time jobs: as a farmer’s wi

Sign post, Wealth, Health

Poverty is a State of Mind


During a conversation with Kim, the Costco/Ameriprise lady who was helping me save money, I shared that I was writing a book, The Art of Poverty. “Poverty is a state of mind,” I said. She agreed and added: “You may be broke, but you’re never poor.”

two young adults

CPD joins statewide program to help neurodiverse young adults


The Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University has joined in a multi-university program aimed at easing the way for young adults with certain disabilities, including autism, to enter the workforce or higher education.

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