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Eligibility & Servcies

If your child qualifies for services, you and the Up to 3 team will write an Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP) containing goals to be addressed over the next six months. Up to 3 works with you to identify ways to blend developmental strategies into your daily routines to reach those goals, with most services provided in your home.


Autism Support – Home and center–based services for children who have early indicators of Autism including poor social communication, delayed imitation skills, or repetitive play

Assistive Technology – Assessment and instruction to help the child communicate, eat, sit, stand, or walk independently

Behavior Specialist – Assessment and instruction addressing behavior problems and supporting parents with ideas to decrease challenging behaviors

Hearing/Vision Specialists – Provided by The Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind, and are included in the service plan for the family

Licensed Social Worker – Provides support to address difficult and stressful issues

Service Coordination  Coordination of Up to 3 services, referrals to community resources, and coordination of services with other community agencies

Li'l Aggies Transition Class – Prepares children for transition to community preschool

Dietetic Consultation – Provides information for healthier diets for families

Occupational Therapy – Home and community-based services to help improve the child’s small motor movement (grasping, fingering, manipulating objects), feeding skills, and sensory integration

Special Instruction – Supports parents in enhancing their child’s development, learning, and participation in daily activities

Physical Therapy  Home and community– based services to improve gross motor skills, balance, and movement

Speech/Language Therapy  Home and community–based services to help the child in gaining language, communication, and sounds appropriate for their age.

Parent Training & Child Play Groups

These provide parent/caregiver education and opportunities to practice strategies with their child. Classes include:

It Takes Two to Talk – Parent classes focusing on language skills, taught by a speech/language pathologist

Picky Eaters Club – Food exploration taught by a dietician and an occupational therapist

Big Talkers – Early literacy, language and social development held at a local preschool

Parent & Me Gymnastics – Community program activities to increase muscle strength and motor development

Music and Movement – Community services to improve language, provide social opportunities with other children, and motor development