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Youtube Channel Showcases People


Justin speaks out in "Respecting the Young Adult Patient." Sometimes people tell their own stories so much better than we can. Over the years, different projects within the CPD have produced videos highlighting people with disabilities. Some are public service announcements, some are used for training. They all allow people with disabilities to tell their own stories, in their own words. "We wanted to take a different route in comparison to what we've seen out there," said Sachin Pavithran, Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator at the CPD. He and Marty Blair, the CPD's assistant director for Policy and Development, worked on public service announcements that sent a positive, unsentimental message about hiring people with disabilities. Pavithran serves on the DBTAC Rocky Mountain ADA Center network. It was through their relationship with the Rocky Mountain center that Pavithran and Blair began work on 30-second public service announcements, designing and scripting the commercials. They showcased successful people with disabilities in their careers. In the announcements, Utah Department of Workforce Services Executive Director Kristen Cox says her blindness is one characteristic among many. Graphic designer Colby Anderson urges viewers to brand people according to their abilities. Another video features young self-advocates as they discuss transitioning from pediatric to adult care--and taking responsibility for their own health. Now, after all that filming and editing, their work has a home on YouTube. Check out the CPD's video channel, and check it again--we hope to have more to share soon.

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