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Utah’s 2019 primary elections: a voter’s guide

Sheri Newton


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This information is brought to you by the Disability Law Center.

2019 is a municipal election year. That means, in most of Utah, the election is about city or town government. Primary elections are being held on Tuesday, August 13, wherever a primary is being held in the state of Utah.

By-mail ballots must be post-marked by the 12th.  If a voter lives in a city that is voting by mail and missed mailing the ballot, there are usually drop boxes and/or a vote center open on Election Day.

During municipal voting years, you might see some changes to the way that elections operate. Some towns contract with the County Clerk’s office to conduct elections. In those areas, elections often operate the same as they do during years with state and federal elections. In fact, in many areas, ballots have already been mailed to registered voters.

When a town conducts their own election, you might see a return to traditional voting at a polling place. You may also find fewer accommodations. Federal laws that protect a voter’s right to vote privately and independently only apply to state and federal elections. Recently, interesting court decisions from other parts of the country have required some cities to provide appropriate voting accommodations, like voting machines. We’ll continue to keep an eye on that and how it may impact Utah voting in the future. 

We have made contact with each Utah county to learn more about where voting is happening and how voters can participate. The following table summarizes what we know. We will continue to update the table as we learn more. Feel free to contact the Disability Law Center if you have any questions about this information or your voting rights: 800-662-9080.

Voting, county by county



Cities with primary elections: Beaver City

Options for returning your ballot: Mail Drop Box at Beaver City building

Planned vote centers: The county clerk’s office will have a vote center with a voting machine.



Cities with primary elections: Plymouth, Honeyville, Brigham City

Options for returning your ballot: Mail (all)

Plymouth & Honeyville – drop it at city offices during regular hours 

Planned vote centers: Brigham City – USU Student Center



Cities with primary elections: The County is handling elections for Smithfield, Hyrum & Logan. These will be by-mail elections. Check with your city to find out more.

Options for returning your ballot: Check with your city or town to find out how to vote.



Cities with primary elections: East Carbon, Helper

Planned vote centers: Available at county building and Wellington City Hall



No primary elections.



Elections in each city.

Options for returning your ballot: By Mail. A ballot drop box is available at each city office during their regular business hours through Monday before the election. Bountiful drop box is located in the Bountiful Police Station. You can also return your ballot at a Vote Center.

Planned vote centers: Davis County will have eight vote centers on Election Day. To learn where, contact the clerk/auditor at 801-451-3213.



Cities with primary elections: Roosevelt City

Options for returning your ballot: At the city offices during regular business hours

Planned vote centers: The city will be available to assist with provisional ballots from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Election Day. (City offices)



No primary elections known



Cities with primary elections: Moab

Options for returning your ballot: By mail, at the county clerk’s office, Moab City Offices

Planned vote centers: The County Clerk’s office will assist voters from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Election Day. A voting machine with accessible features will be available.



Cities with primary elections: Cedar City, Kanaraville

Options for returning your ballot:At County Clerk’s Office – Parawan; Cedar City Offices

Planned vote centers: Cedar City Offices; County Building in Parawan



Cities with primary elections: Nephi

Options for returning your ballot: Election held at Nephi City Building 

Planned vote center: Nephi City Offices



No primary elections for Kanab, Glendale and Big Water; other towns unknown



City with primary elections: Scipio

We believe that this election will be held with a traditional polling place at the vote center in Scipio.



No primary elections






No primary elections



Cities with primary elections: The County is conducting all city elections

Options for returning your ballot: By Mail; Drop Boxes; At a Vote Center

Planned vote centers: Salt Lake will offer 8 early voting locations weekdays through August 12, 2-6 PM The locations will be open on Election Day along with an additional 14 locations, for a total of 22 vote centers on August 13th. To find out where vote centers will be located, visit the Salt Lake County elections page.



Cities with primary elections: Monticello

Options for returning your ballot: By mail, at county building

Planned vote center: County building



Cities with primary elections: Gunnison, Mountain Green

Options for returning your ballot: By mail; County Building

Planned vote center: County Clerk’s Office on Election Day



City with primary elections: Monroe

Options for returning your ballot: By mail

Planned vote center: None



Cities with primary elections: Tooele City, Stansbury Service Agency

Options for returning your ballot: Early voting Friday, August 9th, 8:00 AM -5:00 PM

Election Day vote centers: Tooele County Admin Building, Basement Auditorium; Middle Canyon Elementary Stansbury High School, North Entrance



No primary elections



Cities with primary elections: Eagle Mountain Highland Lehi Mapleton Orem Pleasant Grove Provo Council Districts 3&4

Options for returning your ballot: By mail or at a drop box. Locations listed on the Utah County website, which also lists the locations of planned vote centers.



City with primary elections: Heber City

Voting is held at the city building (Heber City Offices). A voting machine is available.



No primaries



Voting held across the county

Options for returning your ballot: By mail. Drop box locations and planned vote centers are listed on the website. Early voting will be held August 9 and August 12 at the Weber Center Ste. 115 from 8 am to 5 pm.


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