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Service of 15 Employees

JoLynne Lyon


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Mark Innocenti is among this year's 15 milestone honorees. Congratulations to all!

  The CPD recognizes its dedicated employees who observed milestones in their work with us this year. They will be honored at the 24th annual employee recognition luncheon at Utah State University. Congratulations, everyone! A list of those celebrating milestones with us is below.

Charlee Nealy        10 years

Janel Preston         10 years

Jodie Anderson      10 years

Kim Stewart          15 years

Michael Jeppson    15 years

Amy Notwell         15 years

Sachin Pavithran   15 years

Jared Smith          15 years

JC Vazquez           15 years

Emma Speth        20 years

Connie Panter      25 years

Linda Alsop          25 years

Amy Henningsen 25 years

Julie Wilson         25 years

Mark Innocenti   30 years

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