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A Week of Emergencies at the CPD

Kelly Smith


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A sign outside the CPD reading 'Emergency training in progress'

Fire trucks, squad cars,  SWAT teams, ambulances, and bomb robots swarmed the original CPD building last week. However, no one was in danger and there was no imminent threat on campus. As a final public service, the outgrown building was being used for training purposes for a variety of campus and city emergency personnel prior to its demolition in a few weeks.

Since CPD staff  have all been relocated and salvage operations completed, the empty building provided a perfect opportunity to stage practice drills without fear of damaging property explained Judy Crockett, USU Emergency Manager.

"We like to take advantage any time we have an empty building. It's a great chance for the guys to practice without fear of inflicting damage," said Crockett.

The maze-like halls of the CPD, constructed in 1972, presented an unusual environment for personnel to practice decision-making on the fly. Numerous offices without windows and solid brick walls created challenges for participants. Some of the scenarios included fire-fighters snaking through the halls on their stomachs to rescue a downed co-worker, an active shooter situation, and a hidden bomb.

A new four-story Clinical Services Building will be constructed on the site of the old CPD, which is currently the only single-story building left on campus. The building, scheduled for completion in fall of 2017, will bring together many clinics from the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services under one roof, including several CPD service programs.

See more photos of the training exercises on the CPD Facebook page.

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