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New Frontiers for Families needs your Help

JoLynne Lyon


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The building that housed the New Frontiers for Families office in Panguitch was destroyed by a tornado earlier this week. New Frontiers for Families staff members provide after school programs, direct services (wraparound teams and parent peer support), employment support, parenting and education classes for those with complex needs in rural Utah. Despite the enormous setback, the office has continued to function, but they need your help. A Go Fund Me page makes it easy to contribute to their recovery. Here is an update from Tracy Johnson, Executive Director of New Frontiers for Families: The entire building was destroyed, the roof was peeled off and a fire started in the copy room where the furnace was.  The storm brought heavy rain and snow, which caused much of the damage to books, toys and training materials. We were renting the building and it sounds like it is a total loss, and that the building will be demolished.  We working for  no disruption in services so we are continuing to see individuals and families. All of our books binders and training materials are ruined for upcoming classes (we have a week long training starting next Monday, so we are scrambling).  Some computers, copies, printers, projectors and paper that was is the copy room was destroyed.  We have another location were we provide after school programs that was not destroyed, so we are moving there for now. As we go about our work we are still finding things we have lost: staplers, hole punches, paper cutters,  files, training manuals, etc. We have also lost a lot of toys, books, blankets; things that we have for clients. These were all donations for this we are sad. Many were handmade and meant a lot to us and those who receive them. We have had so much support from the community, partner agencies, clients and staff in the clean-up and rebuilding (moving things to the storage unit and the after school building). We are so grateful that no one was injured.  We are thankful for the help, donations of time, money and supplies.  Clients are worried about what will happen with their services and supports. They are afraid we will “go away,” so we have had so many calls and taken so much time reassuring them that there will not be a disruption in service. We are doing ok and we will move forward.  Thank you again for concern! You can find news coverage of the disaster and aftermath on the Fox 13 website.

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