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Congratulations to Emily Lund

Kelly Smith


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Emily Lund
Emily Lund

The CPD is happy to congratulate Emily Lund as Graduate Student Researcher of the Year at the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services. She was presented the award by Dean Beth Foley last week, who said:

"Emily Lund is a wonderfully appropriate recipient of the Graduate Student Researcher of the Year Award.  Her research is both important and prolific. As a doctoral student in Disabilities Disciplines she has developed lines of research at a level that is expected of faculty members. One of her research topics is interpersonal violence and trauma, particularly as it relates to individuals with disabilities. She has published papers on:

  • Factors that predict interpersonal violence;
  • How university campuses educate students on sexual violence;
  • Bullying among elementary-age children with disabilities;
  • The relation between trauma, self-injury and suicide in people with disabilities; 
  • The perceived acceptability of suicide for people with disabilities. 

Emily’s research on this last topic revealed some extremely important and deeply disturbing information – that suicide is seen to be more acceptable for people with disabilities. This was the case even when she asked people with disabilities. This is clearly an issue that merits serious examination.

Emily’s research is as prolific as it is important.

  • She is an author on 46 peer reviewed articles.
  • She is first author on 16 of these and second author on 9.
  • In 2015 alone, she published 7 peer reviewed paper and had 8 more in press.

It is extremely rare for a graduate student to conduct such important research and it is equally rare for one to publish this tremendous volume of research. ... No question – Emily Lund is statistically significant with a very large effect size."

Lund participated in the CPD URLEND training program from 2013-2014. She is currently a fourth-year student in the Disability Disciplines PhD program in the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation, where she is specializing in both special education and rehabilitation counseling. Lund has  given numerous national and international presentations on topics related to her research and has had her work featured in media and trade publications.

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