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See You Later, Alligator!

Kelly Smith


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Heidi with text: See you later, alligater; After while, crocodile!; in an hour, sunflower!; Maybe two, kangaroo; gotta go, buffalo!; adios hippos!; chow, chow, brown cow!; Adieu, cockatoo!; Better swish, jellyfish!; Chop chop lollipop!; Gotta run, skeleton!; Bye-bye, butterfly!; Good-bye friends!

The CPD says good-bye to Heidi Hill as she move to Phoenix, Arizona, with her parents and her cat. Heidi has been a long-time member of the Developmental Skills Laboratory family. She loves a good party and enjoyed a lively send-off from the DSL crew.

Additionally, Heidi has been a guest writer on the CPD blog since 2010, writing a monthly column that details the fun activities at the DSL. We will all miss her happy face and great wit. We hope she loves her new home!

Things Heidi Says

  • Did I ever tell you about...
  • Boy Schmoy!
  • You're a good bud around here!
  • Buckle up tight and low preferably before you go. Whatever you do, don't take Daurie's advice!
  • Oh, Oh someone has the Y's BT!
  • You're hair looks nice!
  • I like your shoes!
  • I was watching KSL 5 last night and do you know what happened?...
  • Willlllmaaaaaa!
  • Don't forget my harnass!!!

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