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Moving Out

Sue Reeves


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The current plans for the relocation are on a white board in the main office

The most current plans for the relocation of CPD personnel were announced yesterday in a late afternoon meeting conducted by Judith Holt and Sue Olsen. The current plans and any future updates are posted on a white board in the main office.

The meeting began with a discussion of what the CPD is, and is not. The CPD is a mission, said Holt, a collection of programs that contribute to the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families across the lifespan.

Olsen then explained the current timeline for the relocation.

The move begins next week as StartSmart moves from the third floor to the second floor of the Human Services Research Center (HSRC) so the third floor can be renovated. CPD Admin and IDT personnel will begin moving to the HSRC during the first week in December. ASSERT will move to the Early Childhood building, Aggies Elevated will move to the AT lab, and Project PEER will move to DSL before the semester break as renovations continue in the HSRC.

Over the semester break, Research and Evaluation will move from the second to the first floor of the HSRC, and during January, ECATP and WebAIM will move to the second floor of the HSRC, and business office personnel will move to the third floor.

Clinical Services and the Medical Clinics will move to HSRC during February, and Up to 3, Lil’ Aggies and the ABC preschool will move during March. At that point, asbestos abatement and lead removal will begin in preparation for demolition of the building.

Olsen and Holt credited Charlee Nealy for her work as liaison with facilities to ensure a smooth transition.

Construction of the new Clinical Services Building will begin in spring, with an expected completion date of Fall 2017.

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