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CPD People Make A Difference

Sue Reeves


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thank you notes
Hand-printed notes of thanks from families who received help from CPD staff at Christmas.

“Dear People who helped my family out on Christmas ... “ began the first letter, written in pencil on lined notebook paper.

“Thank you so much for everything you gave us. I thought Christmas was going to be ruined but you saved Christmas,” said another. And another: “I wish you had fun with your family and ate good stuffs with your family and had a lot of fun and God bless you.”

These are the heartfelt thanks of the CPD client families in need who benefited from the generosity of CPD employees, who turned paper tags on a miniature Christmas tree into a mountain of gifts. The clothes, shoes, books and a fleet of refurbished bicycles, courtesy of the AT lab, were distributed to the families in time for Christmas.

“You guys are the very first people who gave me a bike,” said another letter. “God will bless you in many different ways for the help you give others.”

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