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CPD Hosts Russian Visitors

CPD Hosts Russian Visitors


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CPD at table with Russian visitors

A delegation of Russian professional educators and specialists visited the CPD May 11 as part of the Open World Program, hosted by Firefly. Firely is a charitable NGO with a vision of securing a healthy, productive life for all disadvantaged children. Their mission is to prevent children from being raised in institutions. Firefly is dedicated to helping Russian professionals significantly reduce the number of children in institutions by developing support programs for families who are socially at risk, raising young children with disabilities, and fostering or adopting young children.

Delegates toured the CPD and received a brief overview of services and projects at the Center. Dr. Mark Innocenti, Dr. Lori Roggman, and Dr. Vonda Jump discussed their research efforts in supporting parents and caregivers in improbing development outcomes. This presentation highlighted the PICCOLO research instrument.

The afternoon was spent in the ASSERT (Autism Support Services: Education, Research, and Training) classroom, hosted by Dr. Thomas S. Higbee. The visit provided a valuable opportunity for the delegates to see the ASSERT program in action.

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