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WebAIM launches new site, nominated for award

Sue Reeves


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WebAIM home page screenshot

If you haven’t stopped by the web site recently, you probably have a picture in your mind of a dated, text-heavy site. After a recent update, however, the site looks modern and is easier than ever to use.

According to Jared Smith, associate director of WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind), the update was not overly difficult, but took a long time because other projects had to be completed.

“It was not that high of a priority,” Smith said with a smile. “As it became more dated, it became more of a priority.”

Content has been updated and refreshed, and some information that was no longer relevant has been removed.

“It was a pretty significant project, and we’re very glad it’s over,” he said. “We’ll be working more on keeping it up to date. There’s a lot of new content we want to add.”

Smith said feedback has been very positive, and the new site has been very well-received.

In fact, WebAIM has recently been nominated for a “Design for Experience” award from UX (user experience) magazine, an online publication.

WebAIM itself was nominated, as an entity, showing that it is possible to create attractive user experiences that are still accessible, Smith said.

“You can make things stylish and fancy and new and innovative and still be accessible,” he said.

Winners are to be announced on Jan. 22.

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