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Updates Planned for WAVE Tool

Sue Reeves


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screenshot of wave tool

Updates are planned for the WAVE accessibility evaluation tool from WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind), according to Jared Smith, WebAIM associate director.

“We’re working on updated toolbars and back-end updates to the WAVE site,” Smith said. “Most of the work is behind the scenes. We’re now focused on building a standalone that people can license.”

Smith said when the standalone is completed, there will be three versions of the accessibility tool, with benefits to each.

The free online tool allows users to type in a URL and evaluate individual web pages.  It can only be used for publicly accessible pages, Smith said, and doesn’t evaluate scripting.

The free WAVE toolbar runs in a browser, but users have to install it.

The advantage of the upcoming standalone version, Smith said, is that it can do bulk and batch processing of a lot of pages to collect and evaluate data on an entire web site. The disadvantage, of course, is that users have to pay for it.

“It really is for customers who have a lot of pages,” he said.

Licensing is now in beta, and the standalone WAVE tool will be fully available soon, Smith said

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