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Vazquez Expands Multicultural Awareness

Sue Reeves


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JC Vazquez
JC Vazquez

Juan Carlos Vazquez, the multicultural coordinator at Utah State University’s Center for Persons with Disabilities, will present multicultural diversity training to the Bear River Health Department Hispanic Coalition’s monthly meeting. The coalition is made up of representatives from a variety of agencies involved in education, employment, medical care and service organizations. This training will approach diversity from the perspective of different ethnic groups.

“We’ll talk about how we can better understand our differences when it comes to things like personal space, disability and education,” he said. “It will help people have a broader perspective on interaction with the community.”

In the past, Vazquez presented similar training specific to the Hispanic population.

“It was very successful,” he said. “People didn’t realize that in different Spanish-speaking countries, the cultural perspectives of health, education and disabilities can be very different.”

Vazquez will also attend an event at the Salt Lake Council on Diversity Affairs, which is part of the mayor’s office, later this month.

“There will be a lot more agencies, a lot more resources that deal with issues of diversity,” he said. Collaboration and participation in future trainings with the council may result, he said.

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