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Students Learn About Voting

Sue Reeves


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Voting machine and people around it
Sheri Newton from the Disability Law Center demonstrates a voting machine in the PEER classroom.

Sherie Newton from the Disability Law Center in Salt Lake City visited the Project PEER (Post-secondary Education, Employment and Research) classroom at Utah State University’s Center for Persons with Disabilities recently to teach the students about voting. Students from Aggies Elevated, a new program at USU this year for those with intellectual disabilities, also attended the session.

Newton explained that voting is all about choices, but what is chosen depends on what most people choose, not what one individual chooses. Voting is used to choose who will run our country, make laws and decide how money is spent.

She also explained age and residency requirements and absentee balloting. Students were given the opportunity to register to vote if they had a state-issued identity card.

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