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Program Aids People with Disabilities in Search for State Jobs

Sue Reeves


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The Alternative State Application Program (ASAP) is a program designed to appoint qualified persons with disabilities through an on-the-job examination period. The law that provides for this program has been around since 2010, said Leah Lobato, the director of the Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, but not many people are aware of it.

“It’s something we want people to know about,” Lobato said. “It’s one more resource to help people with disabilities find jobs."

When a qualified person with a disability is interested in being considered for an eligible opening, they contact Shannon Casias, the State of Utah Recruitment Consultant. To be eligible, the candidate must meet the minimum qualifications for the job and provide adequate documentation of their disability.

Casias works with the agency’s recruiter to educate them on the ASAP process and determine if the hiring official wants to interview the ASAP candidate. The agency recruiter continues with the recruitment during this time.

If hired through ASAP, the applicant will be placed in a schedule A position and begin a six (6) month, on-the-job examination period. Supervisors will be instructed to conduct monthly performance evaluations during the six (6) month on-the-job examination period. At the end of the six (6) month period, if successfully performing, the employee will be converted to a schedule B position and begin a twelve (12) month probationary period.

For more information, watch this video or visit the web site.

Contact the recruitment consultant, Shannon Casias at (801) 538-9683 or by email at for more information. You may also call the main telephone number for DHRM at (801) 538-3025 and the receptionist can assist you as well or transfer you to another staff member.


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