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Preserve Accessible Recreation at Oneida Narrows

Sue Reeves


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Man and child kayaking
Kayaking on the Oneida Narrows (courtesy photo)

Man standing in water fishing
Fishing on the Oneida Narrows. (courtesy photo)

The Oneida Narrows (north of Preston) is a popular recreation area in Cache Valley. It is  is one of the few places that  is easily accessible for those who use wheelchairs or have mobility impairments for flyfishing and kayaking/tubing. The proposed dam would flood the canyon, creating a reservoir and another hydroelectric plant. Public comment  is being accepted until December 17. It’s simple to do and could make the difference in saving this area. Please make your voice heard!

Gordon Richins, the CPD's consumer liaison, said this: "I am an individual with quadriplegia (paralyzed from the shoulders down) and use a power wheelchair for mobility along with the accessible transportation. I have  canoed on the Oneida Narrows as well as enjoyed the campgrounds many times. This is a beautiful recreational area in Cache Valley that also happens to be very accessible to the disability community and those of us with various disabilities who love the outdoors and enjoy them just as much as anyone else."

Brenda Smith, TAESE program coordinator, said this: "As a lifelong resident of Cache Valley, I oppose the creation of a dam in the Oneida Narrows recreation area. I have been fishing and recreating in this canyon my entire life. The Oneida Narrows is one of the few places in the Cache/Franklin area that is accessible for outdoorsmen with disabilities. As a child, I remember this was one of the few places that my uncle, a lifelong resident of Weston, ID and a person with cerebral palsy and limited mobility, could easily access and fish. Although he passed away several years ago, I would hate to see others with mobility limited to accessibility of wheelchairs or as in my uncle’s case crutches, denied the ability to recreate in this beautiful canyon. The Red Banks area is one of my favorite fall fly fishing spots, and it is my hope that I can continue to enjoy its beauty and serenity each autumn. My two children deserve to enjoy the accessibility and splendor of this area, as I did as a child."

To add your voice to the conversation, follow these steps:

1) Go to

2) Click the large orange button that says “e-comment”.
3) Fill out the short form with your name, address, and email.
4) The system will then generate an email to you with a live link allowing you to file comments. The docket number you need to enter is P-12486-008. I would suggest composing your comments in advance so you can just copy and paste them in the text field; otherwise the system may time out while you are working on your comments.
5) Hit “submit” and your comments will become part of the public record.
More information about the project is available through the links below:
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