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Mummy Wrap Added to Halloween Event

Chris Glaittli


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cartoon mummy
Gather your teams for the Mummy Wrap! See story for details.

By  Chris Glaittli, social media intern

It is a trick and a treat for Utah State University’s Center for Persons with Disabilities at the first-ever Very Scary Halloween Party, open to all staff and students.

This Halloween party isn’t just food, games, contests and good fun. It is also a chance for the CPD to pull everyone together from the different divisions and programs, according to Shane Johnson, associate director for development for the CPD.

“The Halloween party is an effort to engage the students who are working or doing internships at the CPD,” Johnson said. “So often, they will say, ‘I work at ASSERT’ or ‘I work at Up to 3,’ but they don’t connect with the CPD as a whole. We’re hoping to change that by creating a fun way to interact with staff and other students so they really can say, ‘I am the CPD.’”

Currently, around 200 students work within the CPD’s various programs.

One of the ways staff and students can connect is by forming teams for the Mummy Wrap, a newly announced event at the party. Teams consisting of two students and one staff member can race the clock to wrap one team member in toilet paper. The team with the fastest time wins! No pre-registration is necessary.

The Halloween party will also feature a CPD trivia contest, a costume contest, a photo booth, and the opportunity to zap a zombie

This spook-tastic event will take place in the Haunted Lab (CPD 170) from 11:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m. on Friday, October 31.

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