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Jewkes' "Other Life" Includes Photography

Sue Reeves


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iris and daisy
Jewkes: Irises and daisies do bloom at the same time.

A childhood interest in photography has become a lifelong hobby for Richard Jewkes, senior business officer at Utah State University’s Center for Persons with Disabilities.

“I had a Boy Scout leader who took pictures of everything we did, and showed slide shows of all out activities at the Courts of Honor,” he said. “I thought, ‘If he can take those pictures, I can too.”

Jewkes got a Canon AE-1 camera and shot Kodachrome slide film during a Scout trip to Washington, D.C. during his sophomore year in high school.  He’s never taken a class in photography, but enjoys shooting photos of the outdoors, landscapes, nature, and his current infatuation: flowers.

“My enjoyment comes from the outdoors,” he said, noting his favorite photograph that documented the fact that yes, irises and daisies do bloom at the same time.

The Canon film camera has evolved to a Nikon digital camera. For a while after he got it, he said, it went everywhere he did as he documented the people and things in his world.

Most of his work is in color, although he does occasionally convert the digital files to black-and-white using free Picasa photo editing software. Most of the photos are archived online in Google+ or on Facebook, he said

“It’s not fancy or feature-rich, but it meets my needs,” he said.

Jewkes gets inspired by looking at other people’s photography, and last summer took on a family-tree photo shoot at Bear Lake.

“I found a big huge cottonwood tree and had all the kids climb up and hang on the tree,” he said. He made it into a large 36-inch print and gave it to his parents.

His newest photography adventure was a trip to Europe with his son during the first part of June.

“My son asked for a camera for his birthday,” Jewkes said. “We’re going to make it a competition.”

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