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Heidi's Happenings: Buds, Books and Valentines!

Sue Reeves


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DSL participant
One of the buds hams it up on Valentine's Day!

In February, Heid and her buds were very busy spreading the love. We made many, many, many Valentine Cards for a fund-raiser. The buds worked very hard to make them as special as could be and they turned out all right!

We also spread the love by having a Valentine’s Day party here at the work-site. Heid and buds feasted on bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, and hash browns. We all drank lots of orange juice so we wouldn’t get the scurvy.

We also went to the movies to see “The Lego Movie.” It was lots of fun and good.  We also went on a field trip to Lee’s Market Place and learned all about grocery stores.  We even got a free donut.

We did book orders, and because some of our buds ordered so many books we were able to get 50 free books--we were so happy to open the boxes of books. We spread the love all month!

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