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Heidi’s Happenings: Busy Start to the New Year!

Sue Reeves


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Heidi with a pan of green milk
Heidi makes tie-died milk on Science Day at the DSL

In January, Heid and her buds were very busy starting the New Year off right!  We had three special activities.  We had Science Day, where we learned about surface tension with corn starch and water.  We also made a volcano that really erupted.  We also made tie-dyed milk with food coloring and dish soap.  Drake even blew up a balloon on a pop bottle filled with hot water.  Talia made a rainbow in a jar.

We also celebrated the birthday of one A. Milne by having Winnie the Pooh Day.  We made Pooh hats.  Heidi Sue remembered to grab Pooh from her bed before coming to DSL. We made a Pooh treat and watched Pooh movies.

We also celebrated Chinese New Year. We made yummy fried rice, edamame, egg rolls, and Chinese green beans. We were all excited to also have fortune cookies. Heid brought a big red Chinese wall hanging that everyone got their picture taken with. We also received a special orange for good luck for the New Year which is a Chinese tradition. We were very busy in January!

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