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Heidi's Happenings: New friends and lots of fun!

Sue Reeves


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Brooke helps with snack time for the day program!

At DSL, June was bustin’ busy for Heidi Sue Subaru and her buds.  Everyone just had fun doing science projects on campus. Then we went in three vans downhill to this one public library to check out, and return books we've read, and ''Reading Rainbow'' flicks to closely listen to and view.

Another day we did something with balloons outdoors. Most of all, we enjoyed tie-dying pillowcases and-shirts. We also did other projects, on campus. We made plastic bags of ''trail mix'' for dads to munch on for Father’s Day.

We also got to go swimming for the first time this year! Those who went sure did enjoy getting into that cool water and playing with the swimming pool toys!

We also have a new friend, Kate, who is an intern who is helping us learn about all different kinds of safety.

We have a new participant in the day program, Mandy. Mandy loves Garth Brooks! She sure is a lot of fun, and we are happy to have her!  We also have Kade, who graduated from summer program and is now downstairs with us. Our program is growing!

Summer program started on June 2 and they have been very busy too.  They go on one activity a week with Common Ground, they go swimming once a week, and they had their own science day.

Brooke is in charge of snack time this summer for summer program and she is really enjoying it and she is a big help to the staff. They call Brooke the “snack staff!”

We have been busy upstairs and downstairs at the DSL worksite!

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