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Heidi’s Happenings: May, Moms and Movies

Sue Reeves


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group under airplane wing
Heidi and her DSL buds on a field trip to Hill Air Force Base.

Heidi Hill is a guest blogger for the CPD’s Developmental Skills Laboratory (DSL), a day program for adults with disabilities. Heidi loves to type and each month she’ll be sharing the fun activities that she and her “buds” are doing at DSL.

We had a great month in May! With warmer weather we got to go outside a lot and see the miracle of springtime! We had a wonderful picnic at First Dam and saw ducks and ducklings, geese and goslings. We took bread crumbs for our feathered friends to eat.

May is special because of mothers! We worked very hard and made Jolly Rancher candy wreaths for our moms! We also baked lots of treats for them and had a wonderful Mother’s Day program where Heid and all her buds told their moms how much we love them!

We also went in three vans downhill to this one movie theater. We watched “The Bears” and it was one good flick! Then, while there, we enjoyed buttery popcorn and drinks. Heidi munched upon kernel-free, buttery popcorn. After everyone watched this wonderful flick, everyone remembered to just kindly thank those nice men for letting the DSL buds come down to this building to view that flick! We also went to the park and had delicious spud-nut doughnuts!

We also had our big field trip to Hill Air Force Base! DSL buds saw all kinds of cool planes and we even ate lunch under the wings of one giant airplane? The buds saw so many planes, but the most impressive one was an Air Force One jet. That is the plane that the President of the United States of America rides in. The buds did learn that this was an older Air Force One jet and not the one that President Obama uses.

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