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Harris Named “Student of the Year”

Sue Reeves


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David Harris
David Harris

David Harris, who provides tech support for the Early Childhood Alternative Teacher Preparation program, has been named the 2014 “Student of the Year” at Utah State University’s Center for Persons with disabilities.

Harris, a computer science major who started working at the CPD in September 2009, provides support during the school year to students in the ECATP online classes, answering technical questions about Canvas or Adobe Connect. He also supports the one summer class, and helps with the week-long orientation workshop at the end of July.

“Over the past several years, your work on the Early Childhood Alternative Teacher Preparation program has helped move the project forward in a substantial way,” said Bryce Fifield, director of the CPD. “At the same time, you have been pursuing your own education and professional training. Your ability to keep a balance between these competing demands is no small achievement.”

Harris’ future plans include moving to California to be closer to family. He hopes to find work in the technology fields of artificial intelligence or augmented reality.

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