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GOALS Offers ‘Cheat Sheets’ to Content Creators

Sue Reeves


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As web-based instruction becomes more commonplace, institutions of higher learning are being pressured to ensure their content is accessible to people with disabilities. For some content creators, it’s like being asked to work in a foreign language.

Fortunately for them, a decade-long project at Utah State University’s Center for Persons with Disabilities gives them what they need to know in a one-page, easy-to-understand format.

Gaining Online Accessible Learning through Self-Study, or GOALS, offers ‘just in time’ cheat sheets that provide what users need to know in just one page.

“They’re very popular,” said Jon Whiting, an instructional developer at the CPD. “The feedback has been very positive. A lot of institutions are linking to them.”

The focus is on system-level change in higher education, Whiting said. Benchmarking and planning tools help people where they are in the process of creating accessible content and provide an action plan for the future.

GOALS is a project of The National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE), which is supported by USU and the CPD. NCDAE works on policy, research, training and technical assistance, and dissemination of information.

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