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DSL Plans Holiday Cookbook

Sue Reeves


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Staff at the Developmental Skills Lab will be creating a Christmas cookbook for friends and family, and they need your help!

“We would appreciate your family favorite recipes,” said DSL staff member Daurie Bastian. “ Whether healthy, sweet, comforting--any and all recipes will be welcome!  They don’t have to be Christmas recipes, but please include your Christmas recipes!

Our participants love cooking, and I know they would love to share recipes with their friends and families.”

Bastian asks contributors to e-mail at least five recipes to her by October 31. Include your name, relationship to the DSL or to a participant, and the story behind the recipe. The cookbooks will be given out at the annual DSL Christmas Party as a gift from the participants.

“I hope you will participate in this fun project,” Bastian said. “I know I love recipes, and I would love to have a collection from the ‘DSL Worksite,’ as Heidi Sue would say! Ok, on your mark, get set, send me recipes!”

Send your recipes to Bastian at

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