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Heidi’s Happenings: Volcanoes and lava lamps

Sue Reeves


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Heidi Hill is a guest blogger for the CPD’s Developmental Skills Laboratory (DSL), a day program for adults with disabilities. Heidi loves to type and each month she’ll be sharing the fun activities that she and her “buds” are doing at DSL. Jeffrey and Alicia with their volcano.[/caption] We had tons of fun on science day. We learned about many things. We made fairy jars that glowed in the dark. We actually made some volcanoes that appeared to be lifelike. We also saved our pop bottles so we could make lava lamps that could be illuminated. Those groovy 70’s lava lamps just may light someone’s dark path. We also went bowling and had a story and music time. It was pretty frigid in the month of January in Logan, so Heid and her buds stayed in a lot!

We broke our cabin fever by playing “The Price is Right” and bowling on the Wii. Here is hoping that February will be a bit warmer so we can explore this beautiful Cache Valley!

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