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CAC Corner: Spotlight on Kelly Holt

Sue Reeves


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  Nancy Bentley, director of Active Re-Entry, receives the Community Investment Award from CAC member Kelly Holt.[/caption] Kelly Holt is a member of the Consumer Advisory Council from Price and is a long-time self-advocate. Here, she writes about her work. “My name is Kelly Holt and I am happy for March because it is National Disability Awareness Month.  I am on other boards and I have worked very hard for us to get HB230 passed and to get the 'R' word out of your vocabulary.  I have been going around to other places to teach people how to treat other people by using the Language Matters. I have been bullied all my life and I know there are some other people that have been bullied all their lives and it needs to stop now." Holt recently wrote a letter nominating Active Re-Entry Centers for Independent Living in Price, which serves more than 27,000 square miles of rural eastern Utah, for a CAC award of $1,500. About Active Re-Entry, she wrote, “They make people believe it’s ok to be different. They help people with disabilities stay or become more self-sufficient so that they can lead productive and independent lives within their own communities. They give caregivers and families the knowledge that there is help for them too, when they thought there was none. This is especially important in rural areas where programs for those with disabilities are often difficult to find and services hard to get.”

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