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OT students from Korea visit CPD

Sue Reeves


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Amy and Lucy on slide
Songi (Amy) Im (left) and Jiwon (Lucy) Shīn.

Two occupational therapy students from South Korea are spending the month of July at Utah State University’s Center for Persons with Disabilities to learn more about western techniques in the field.

Songi (Amy) Im, 23, from the University of Konyang, and Jiwon (Lucy) Shīn, 21, from Far East University, arrived in Logan on July 6. During their month at the CPD, they will work in the Up to 3 program, the Assistive Technology lab, the Developmental Skills Lab and at Common Ground Outdoor Adventures in Logan. Two other students will work only at Common Ground during their month in Utah.

A Memorandum of Understanding between the CPD and Far East University a few years ago led to the development of the exchange program, said Sue Olsen, CPD director of Exemplary Services. Last year, two students spent the month of August at the CPD.

“It gives them broad experience and some hands-on practice in non-therapeutic ways,” Olsen said. “This will be a long-term arrangement. As long as we can support the experience, they can continue to send students.”

Both Amy and Lucy were looking forward to doing home visits with Up to 3, because home visits are not part of occupational therapy in South Korea.

“I want to know the difference between Korean OT and American OT,” Lucy said. “I want to take those strategies back to Korea.”

Amy said she wanted to learn western interventions in pediatrics.

“There is no program like Up to 3, no home visits,” she said. “Early intervention is really important in experience, like this home program.”

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