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My Other Life: Lyon Lands Book Deal

Sue Reeves


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JoLynne Lyon
JoLynne Lyon

JoLynne Lyon, former public relations specialist at Utah State University’s Center for Person with Disabilities, will soon be a published novelist. Her first book, with a working title of “Truth is Relative,” is scheduled for an April 2014 release by Rhemalda Publishing, a small press in Washington State.

The main character in the book is a detective named Anthony who was forced into his job because of his unique ‘gift’— people spontaneously confess their secrets when they get within 10 feet of him.

Lyon, now the public relations specialist for the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services at USU, said the book was influenced by her time at the CPD, where she had worked for a couple of years before the concept started to percolate.

She describes Anthony’s gift as both an ability and a disability, because it seems to cause more problems than it solves.

“I made the main character—a youngish man—what he was so his ability would be as uncomfortable as possible,” she said. “I also made his gift manifest in his early 20s because in the disability community, that’s when it becomes a struggle. Children get a lot of empathy, but once you start hitting adulthood it’s a lot harder.”

The first chapter of the book won the grand prize in the 2012 LDS Storymakers First Chapter Contest.

“I got a netbook out of it,” Lyon said. “I was pretty stoked. I needed some encouragement at that time, so that was really good.”

She has written two books in what she has dubbed the Truth Inducer series and started a third.

“I don’t know how far it’ll go,” she said. “It’s off to a good start. It’s been a lot of fun, it really has.”

Although Lyon has been writing since grade school, she said, “but I’ve only done it well the last few years.” She keeps a regular writing routine when possible, but said she also gives herself permission not to write.

“Life is more important,” she said. “Family is more important.”

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