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Johnson to Present Seminar

Sue Reeves


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Randall Johnson
Randall Johnson

A Utah State University graduate who worked with the Center for Persons with Disabilities’ researcher Anthony (Ron) Torres will present a bioinformatics seminar on Monday, Oct. 7 at 2 p.m. in room 103 of the Biotechnology Building.

Randall C. Johnson, who double majored in statistics and computational mathematics, is currently a bioinformaticist at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research and a Ph.D. candidate at Conservatiore National des Arts et Mètiers in Paris, France. He received his master’s degree in biostatistics from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Bioinformatics is the statistical analysis of biological data.

Johnson’s seminar, “Inference of local ancestry using dense marker data in admixed populations,” presents analysis of how ancestry in mixed populations can be used in research.

As an undergraduate at USU, Johnson worked with Torres on the analysis of immune function genes within autism, and is currently working on another set of genes. Torres said Johnson has co-authored several papers with him.

Johnson and his wife are originally from the Cache Valley and come back every year.

“He’s coming here on vacation, said ‘I’ll stop and see you guys,’ and I said you might as well do a seminar,” Torres said.

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