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Heidi's Happenings: Summer fun!

Sue Reeves


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man with hands covered in shaving cream
Getting messy at the DSL!

Heidi Hill is a guest blogger for the CPD’s Developmental Skills Laboratory (DSL), a day program for adults with disabilities. Heidi loves to type and each month she’ll be sharing the fun activities that she and her “buds” are doing at DSL.

In August we had fun outdoors with water balloons.  We got each other completely soaked. We also had food fun and made yummy treats.  We all work together in the kitchen to make this food fun treat. We also took a trip to the movies to see “Planes.”  It was a great movie, and we felt as if we were in the planes ourselves! We also went by van to the park where we played games and fed the ducks. We made fun crafts, and even went out for ice cream!

We also had story time with our friend Laurie, she read some great stories.  We had music therapy with our friend Letha and had lots of fun! We are looking forward to September to go to an apple orchard, and paint pumpkins for the Pumpkin Walk!

Summer Program

Summer Program came to an end on August 16th.  We had lots of fun this summer.  We had water day in August and had matchbox car races using a squirt bottle to make the cars go forward! We also went swimming, canoeing, biking, and rock climbing.  We also went to see the movie “Monsters U.” On our very last day of Summer Program, we had a talent show for our families.  There was lots of singing and dancing and we all received awards for all of our hard work this summer!

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