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Heidi's Happenings: Food, food and food!

Sue Reeves


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food at food pantry
Heidi and her buds from the DSL delivered food donations to the local food pantry in November

During the month of November, the buds down at DSL were able to go see a movie, have a Thanksgiving feast, and drop food off at the local food pantry. The movie, Free Birds, was a good one! Heidi’s favorite part was when the people in the movie tried to chase the turkey across the yard. She really laughed hard during that scene. Heidi and her buds laughed and enjoyed popcorn together as they enjoyed the movie. Afterwards Heidi and her friends thanked the people at the theater for letting them come and see the movie and for the yummy popcorn.

We had a Thanksgiving feast this month on the 25th. It sure was a yummy one! Heidi brought cupcakes along with the traditional Thanksgiving food to celebrate her 50th birthday, which was that day! We had mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, rolls, turkey, and pumpkin pie. The buds down at the work site sure had fun celebrating Thanksgiving that day. It sure was a fantastic Thanksgiving!

The buds at DSL donated tons of food to the food pantry for those who do not have any food for themselves. We got into the vans and headed down to drop off those cans and boxes of food. The guys and gals down at that building thanked Heid and her buds for donating and the buds said they were more than happy to donate food. Before the bus left to come back up to the work site on the USU campus they wanted to wish the people at the food pantry a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The work site buds said that they wouldn’t ever forget those people down at the food pantry and that they’ll see them in 2014!

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