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Heidi’s Happenings: Books and buds!

Sue Reeves


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DSL participants
Fun times! From left: Jeffrey Hansen, Danny Brown and Jerika Alleman.

In September, Heidi and her buds here at the worksite did many fun things!  We had music therapy and story time.  Some of us also started going to Institute on Tuesday and Thursday.  We also had many fun activities.

We went to the library to check out some of our favorite books and DVDs.  We all love to watch “Reading Rainbow” DVDs!  This month we also got to order books from Scholastic.  Since we ordered so many books we got 69 free books!  We didn’t have room for all of those books, so we found a magazine rack and now everyone can enjoy our books!

We also went to an apple orchard.  We learned about how the pick apples and make fresh cider.  We also got to taste some of the apple varieties they had.  We also got to watch them make cider.  We took some of that yummy cider to the worksite and boy, did it ever taste good.  We also brought some apples back and munched them with some peanut butter, it was a delicious treat!  We also made a healthy apple crisp with a granola and rice krispie topping.

One day, Heidi and all her buds traveled by van to go to one place that had some very large golden arches for lunch. The buds went inside that large building and had hamburgers and chicken nuggets.  It was delicious, and everyone used their very best restaurant manners!

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