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Heidi’s Happenings: Mothers, Movies & Whirly Birds!

Sue Reeves


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mother and daughter
Happy Mother's Day!

During the month of May, we did a Mother's Day craft. We also did a Mother's Day program where our mothers came up to DSL and we performed a poem for them.  We also ate snacks and mingled with them. We traveled by van to the bowling alley, and then when we'd reached there, we bowled in our separate lanes. It was fun and we knocked down pins with the bowling balls. We got lots of strikes and spares when we heard the bowling ball hit the pins head on, and then disappear. Boy! The percussion of the balls hitting the pins was really loud!

We traveled by van to the Logan Library, then after we'd reached there, we checked out movies to watch at DSL. This month we also went on one weenie roast at First Dam. Then after we'd munched our lunch there, we fed bread crumbs to the ducks. While we were still there we saw some baby geese called goslings. Believe me, they were so cute when they waddled toward us, when we were still on shore.

We boarded the van and zoomed to the theatre to see this flick entitled "Epic."  Then while all of us just were clustered in this theatre building, we purchased a couple of buckets of yummy popcorn. Then all of us took our seats in front of that wide screen, and as the movie was being shown, we enjoyed munching on popcorn. We had a cup of water to drink to wash down the popcorn.

man by plane
Lunch and a tour at Hill Air Force Base.

As Heid and friends were traveling by van to Hill Air Force Base, Heid hummed a song, and when her buds heard the melody they knew she was starting to hum the Air Force theme, "Off we go, into the wild blue yonder, flying high, into the sun."  We saw some airplanes and whirly birds also. We ate our lunches directly beneath the wing of one airplane. Gee, the wing was almost 10 feet wide! And the tail seemed 50 feet high, according to Heidi's dimensions! By the way, the tail was triangular in shape.  While Heid and friends were still there, Heid distinctly heard planes and whirly birds passing over head!  What a great month May was!

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