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Girl Scout Troop Takes Walking Tour

Sue Reeves


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Katie Cogan (in pink) reads a description of one of the Aggie Stampede bulls to her Girl Scout troop.

Nine members of Girl Scout Troop 2033 danced, hopped and splashed their way through a “walking” tour of the Aggie Stampede last Wednesday evening, making their way up one side of Main Street and down the other between 100 and 200 North in Logan The Aggie Stampede is a collection of five bull sculptures decorated by area artists and placed on Main Street to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Utah State University’s Center for Persons with Disabilities. “Two of the girls asked ‘what are they,’ and I said, ‘let’s go find out,’” said Girl Scout Leader Regina Eliason. She started her quest for information at the Chamber of Commerce office, and then contacted Shane Johnson, the CPD associate director of development. Johnson said this is the first time he has been approached about a walking tour of the bull display. “I don’t get a lot of requests for information about the bulls, but I hear a lot of people talking about them,” he said. “This is the first time anyone has sought to get information. I hope more groups do it.” He added that groups are always welcome to come to the CPD and tour the building and facilities, which several student groups have done. Before the tour, Eliason and the girls talked about what disability is, and some of the services provided by the CPD. Afterward, they talked about what they had seen. Katie Cogan said her favorite Aggie bull was the one in front of the USU Charter Credit Union. Decorated by artist Kendall Bates, the bull features words describing desirable Aggie attributes. “There were words like resilience and teamwork and all those words,” she said. “They were so encouraging.”   To schedule a tour of the CPD or for more information about the Aggie Stampede, contact Johnson at 797-9070 or

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