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Gordon Richins


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Three people waiting for the bus
The Cache Valley Transit District's fare-free bus service is a great transportation solution, especially for people with disabilities.
By Gordon Richins, CPD Consumer Liason and OPTIONS for Independence Board President

(Reprinted from the Nov./Dec. Options newsletter)

As a regular user of Cache Valley Transit District fare-free services, I generally utilize the fixed route services. I do this by personal choice and encourage other individuals with disabilities who use power chairs and/or manual chairs to utilize the fixed route services, for two reasons:   1) the buses are easy on, easy off and you are buckled down for safety reasons, and 2) the fixed route services run daily with the exception of Sundays and some holidays. Buses travel throughout Logan and parts of Cache County.  The CVTD web site  is where you can go to get information on route training materials to utilize the bus, etc.

When necessary, I also utilize the Call-A-Ride curb-to-curb services. However, for 99 percent of my trips, I choose not to utilize Call-A-Ride, preferring the fixed route bus service instead. The convenience and time savings I gain while using the fixed route system allows me to greatly enhance my quality of life because of the additional opportunities within the community available to me throughout the year. I often hear from friends, "I'm tired of being home all the time."  I don't feel sorry for them because with our bus services there is plenty to do in Logan. I know trying something new is scary, but riding fixed route buses using the bus ramp is not as scary as the lift system used by Call-A-Ride.  I personally don't like the sensation of being lifted up in the air when I can easily roll on and off any one of the fixed route buses.

I also believe in personal choice and understand why individuals may choose not to use the fixed route services. I would like to encourage all individuals who use power chairs and/or manual chairs to make it a goal to attend at least three of the following Community Activities during the upcoming year and to also visit three or more community businesses by using the fixed route bus system. After three trips utilizing fixed route, you too will see the improved quality of life you will gain as you access our community on a regular basis. I am available to answer questions from a consumer's perspective and user of the bus services. Please call me at (435) 797-2832 or email me at If you are still nervous about using the fixed route bus service you may contact OPTIONS for personal instruction and assistance.

The following community activities are accessible to individuals with disabilities by riding the fixed route and/or Call-A-Ride buses. This is just a small sample of what will be available to you in 2014.

--Earth Day, April 2014.

--Farmer’s Market at Logan’s Willow Park, Saturdays, mid-May thru Oct 2014.

--Summerfest, downtown Logan, June 2014.

--Art on the  Lawn, North Logan, Saturday, June 28, 2014, 10 to 6 p.m.

--Summer Tabernacle Concert Series, first week of June through second week of August 2014, weekdays at noon.

--Cache County Fair, County Fair Park, August 2014.

--Hispanic Health Fair, Willow Park, September 2014.

--USU Homecoming Parade, downtown Logan, September 2014.

--Pumpkin Walk, North Logan, October 2014.

Don't stay home when there are so many activities you can participate in simply by boarding a CVTD bus!

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